The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again

after the piano recital
Bye Bye toothy!
Well, the tooth fairy has struck again. Evan lost a tooth on his own without any surgical intervention and was rewarded for his heroic efforts by none other than the tooth fairy herself...aka...mommy! Click here to see our first tooth fairy fiasco.

 I have been wiggling that loose tooth all week to no avail and during his piano recital I noticed that he was pushing it all the way forward with his tongue.  I told him to open wide and I pulled twice and it was out! I know it wasn't the best timing in the world but I honestly didn't think the doggone tooth would actually come out. After all, I've been twisting and turning and pulling on it all week! Terrance just shook his head and the nice lady behind us gave us one kleenex to wrap the tooth in and one kleenex to catch the blood drooling down Evan's chin. Priceless!

I assembled a certificate, a couple of bucks, a toothbrush and a receipt from the tooth fairy....overkill!
closeup of certificate
closeup of cash, reciept and toothbrush
 I worked very hard trying to masquerade as a fairy which is odd for me because I have an issue with all things make believe. But at the last minute I decided to celebrate the cause. I will have the conversation later about how the tooth fairy really isn't real, just something parents made up to help kids feel better about being buck toothed! Anything to help him through this ugly phase is fine by me at this point.  Plus, I was so happy that nature took it's course without me having to fork over my hard earned cash to have more teeth removed by the dentist which is what we thought was going to happen... again!

Doesn't he look like a walrus?!
Notice the tooth growing in behind the top one and the fact that the teeth that were pulled by the dentist a few months ago (for the same reason) still haven't pushed themselves forward

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