Evan's 1st Piano Recital

Our practice area...where the magic begins!
In an attempt to turn Evan into a more well rounded individual instead of a kid who only cares about video games and television, I enrolled him in piano lessons.  He has only been taking lessons since April of this year but he's made great progress. Lets just say that I haven't been impressed when listening to him practice but just when I think he's not getting it (or he doesn't care)...he surprises us! Well, today was his first piano recital and....he nailed it! I am one proud mama!
Getting a feel for the piano before the recital
We got a little distracted when I saw him wiggling his loose tooth with his tongue before the program started. I politely gave it a yank and it came right out seconds before the first performer was announced. He had a look of shock especially when he saw the blood on the Kleenex. Terrance took him to the water fountain to rinse down the blood remnants with a little H2O and he was good to go! Gross huh?!

Goodbye toothy! (yes that crooked monstrosity right in the middle needs to go to!)
I can't wait until he's playing more advanced pieces. I was in awe of some of the other student's playing ability. One day Evan....one day!
Practice book.  Where all the learning takes place.
Can't really see it but Evan is the third performer on program.  He's all set to play Yankee Doodle!

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