About Me

I guess some of you would like to know a little about me, Shanita, aka the author of The T.I.E.S. That Bind. Well, it's pretty simple. I am a working-stay-at-home mother of two, wife of one, friend of many who loves her family, Christ, being a nurse, and banana splits from Braum's! I have a touch of OCD and I love to talk and write. I have had a journal since I was in elementary school and I've always loved to put my thoughts and feelings on paper. I plan to someday write a novel about my life experiences, some of which would shock the pants right off of you. This novel about my life experiences will one day turn into a major motion picture thus securing my families financial future! A girl can dream right?!

You can read about my reasons for why I blog

I hope you enjoy this inside look into my mind and our family with hopes that you may read something that might entertain and/or inspire you. I rarely hold back so hopefully you won't be offended by my honesty and forthrightness. This blog contains a lot about raising my boys, a few scriptures to feed your spirit, and tons of thoughts and opinions. So buckle up cuz here we go.....

Happy Reading!

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