Bye Bye Shark Boy

Well, we can no longer call Evan Shark Boy which is a bummer because I was kind of getting used to the nickname. Not many people can boast that they have an extra row of teeth! But his second row of teeth were getting out of control! They were towering over his baby teeth and impeding his speech and food was always getting stuck between the two rows! I know, disgusting right!?

After having his teeth removed, Evan attempted to give me a smile. Doesn't he look like he has gas!! The tooth pulling went well. There was a slight scream when he saw the needle and another scream when he saw the blood but the whole thing only took about 15 minutes from numbing to pulling!

I will admit that the two rows of teeth look a lot better than having two gaping holes in the front of his mouth but I'm told that the holes will look better with time!! Geez...I hope so!

This is the afternoon of the procedure. Evan never takes naps but after a dose or two of Tylenol...he was out like a light!

I didn't really know how to handle the tooth fairy protocol. Does she visit homes when the tooth was removed via medical intervention. Does she frown when she sees two teeth, root and all, placed in a medical specimen bag? Well, Apparently she doesn't discriminate! Evan found $5.00 under his pillow the next morning (the tooth fairy didn't have change...oh, and she may or may not have borrowed the money from Evan's wallet).

With Love,

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