War in Shanitaville

This is the story of a small town named Shanitaville.  Although this is a work of fiction it is based on actual events.  Enjoy.

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There once was a town named Shanitaville.  This sleepy little town led a fairly quiet existence until a recent skirmish led to an all out war.  It all started on a Thursday night when the town noticed the influx of some new settlers.  These settlers called themselves bacteria and they came onto the scene with plenty of attitude.  The locals were weary of their existence in their quiet town and alerted the local law enforcement called the white blood cells.  The white blood cells sent out a few troops just to make sure the bacteria stayed in line and didn’t cause any trouble.  Well the bacteria took this as a challenge and pretty soon a battle ensued.  By Friday afternoon the battle turned into an all out war. The local law enforcing white blood cells sent out their strongest troops to try and get this skirmish over with quickly.  After all, they were used to trouble makers like viruses and bacteria trying to take over the town of Shanitaville.  It usually takes about a 24hr fight before the bacteria and viruses tuck their tails and run but these bacteria were vicious.  They had a point to prove.  By early Saturday morning, the white blood cells new they were outnumbered and needed help.  They wisely decided to plan a different type of attack.  So they appeared to back off thus making the bacteria and the entire town of Shanitaville think that they had surrendered.  But the wise old white blood cells had a trick up their sleeve.  They were using all of Saturday to regroup and recruit back up cells so that they could come out as the true victors.

So Saturday night the white blood cells watched in horror while the bacteria began to take over Shanitaville with a vengeance.  There were all types of chaos surrounding them. The fluctuating temperatures made things harder to endure. They watched while Lung Avenue was taken over by phlegm.  They turned their heads when they noticed that Nasal Street was overcome with so much mucous that the town could barely breathe.  There was so much mucous on Nasal Street that it erupted into Tear Duct Lane and crusted over Eyelash Drive.  I. Kid. You. Not.  It was painful to watch.  Some of the white blood cells almost lost it when they saw how much pain the residents on Throat Road were in.  The bacteria seemed to know exactly which area of town to hit to take out the entire structure of Shanitaville.  The white blood cells decided enough was enough when they witnessed the mudslide on Colon Blvd.  They knew it was time to counterattack .  Shanitaville was almost destroyed.  There was no laughter, no sunshine, no joy in the sleepy little town.  It was almost as if the city had given up completely.  But the white blood cells refused to give up on their town.  images (3)They were the law enforcers for a reason.  So they gathered the troops and met the enemy head on in an all out battle for victory.  They were determined to win.  The bacteria seemed taken aback by the onslaught.  They thought that they had surely won so they were not ready for the surprise attack from the white blood cells.  The white blood cells were able to take down the bacteria with relative ease.  The war lasted throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning.  By Sunday night the white blood cells were able to claim the victory. 

The town of Shanitaville was a little worse for the wear but they knew that everything would return to normal after a few days of rebuilding.  That was the hardest battle fought by the white blood cells in years, but they are smarter because of it.  By Monday morning they were able to see joy on the horizon.  The neighboring town of Terranceville stepped in and provided aid and remained close by in order to help with other relief efforts.  It was another epic battle but Shanitaville will live to fight another day!


** This is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to persons real or unreal is purely coincidental Smile



  1. Hilarious! I'm so glad the bacteria were defeated. I hope none of them were smart enought to breech the walls of Terranceville, Trojan Horse-style. =-)

  2. Hahahaha! Nothing can defeat you when Terranceville has your back!


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