All About The Bejamins

With Evan being 7 years old now we figured it was about time to teach him how to manage money responsibly. So when our close friends asked what he wanted for his birthday, we told them... Money. Dinero. Benjamins. Greenbacks. Moolah. Dough. Scrilla. Loot. You get my drift! Well our pals came through and Evan walked away with some serious currency!

Isn't that the cutest wallet ever!? A cute little robot.

He even has pockets to put his ID and his zoo pass in. He feels all grown up. Every time we leave the house, he asks if I have his wallet. (He has not proven worthy enough to carry it on his own. I can just see him now...in class standing on his desk 'makin' it rain' showing off for all the ladies)

Can any one guess what his first purchase was...that's right! A new video game. There has to be a 12 step program for video gameaholics!

Our goal was to teach him how to tithe, save, and spend. This is really a hard concept for kids to grasp. Heck, it's a hard concept for adults to grasp. But I theorized that if you start young then it will become second nature to you. So we divided up all of his cash and counted it. Then we explained what 10% meant and why we tithe 10% and why we save 10%. It got a little tricky trying to explain to a 7 yr old about a rainy day fund and why we give back to God. After all, God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills so why does he want my chump change!

Anyway, I'm not sure if he gets it all. The next step is giving him an allowance so he can keep practicing. That means I need to come up with kid friendly chores. And a funding chart. Because putting away your toys and taking out the trash are on two different pay scales!

With Love,


  1. Scrilla?!? Did you use the urban dictionary for that one? Lol

  2. No Tanya. Believe it or not I am hip to a little urban slang. Just because I don't use it doesn't mean I don't k ow it exists!!!


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