Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed me in so many ways and my heart is so full! I'm in a good place and I'm enjoying it! I just wanted to share some of our turkey day happenings with you all!

Ok. Please let the record show that I am not in any way responsible for this pose! Seriously, a hand on the hip! Come on! All I said was "Evan, smile!" and this is what I got! This is after his Thanksgiving play at school. He was so proud of his turkey hat.

Ian will not be outdone! I love the hat that he made in school. It says "Ian The Turkey!" How appropriate! Look at the two turkey legs jutting off of the side.... LOL!

My boys are soooo thankful for eachother! Yep, I raised 'em right. Please ignore the bear hug grip that Ian has on Evan. He's even gritting his teeth, he's squeezing so hard.

This is Evan's turkey that he made in class. Each turkey feather lists something that he's thankful for. His list includes: Food & Water, Compassion, My Talent, Shelter & Love. Yep, that's my boy!

I know this picture is hard to see but it's Ian's list of things that he's thankful for. It says: "Ian is thankful for Mom, Dad, and for the summer because he gets to go to his grandmas house! Sorry Evan, but you didn't make the cut! I'm sure it was just an oversight on Ian's part. It has nothing to do with how you hog the Wii or try and steal waffles off of his plate in the mornings.

And I'd like to present you with our Thanksgiving spread prepared by Terrance with only a little help from Honey Baked Ham. Our menu: ham, green bean bundles, homemade rolls, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, corn bread dressing & yams. For dessert: pumpkin pie & peach cobbler. We also had deviled eggs and a green salad that we were too stuffed to touch. It was way too much food for our family of four! I had to work Thanksgiving night so I was allowed to sit and relax while dinner was prepared. Ok, Ok, I'll admit that I probably would have relaxed even if I didn't have to work. I did spend a lot of time cleaning up after Terrance and the boys.... That has to count for something!

Unfortunately, I did have to say farewell to a good friend who up and shipped herself and her family to South Carolina. (I'm not bitter...not at all) I've known that this day was coming for some months but I'm still surprised at how bummed I was that they left. We all know that I am not an emotional person but there were some tears shed and i felt a little blue! Even Terrance was in on the hug/tear fest. Of course he was also the voice of reason as he stated, "She's just moving...and now we have another vacation destination." Men! Of course I know that but can I just grieve for a minute...geez!

With Love,

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  1. Awe! I got a thanksgiving shout-out. Miss you like crazy. Killed me to say goodbye, too. Especially Terrance telling
    me everything was going to be okay. Makes me tear up even as I write this.


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