My Christmas List

I know that the five or so of you who read my blog could care less about what I want for Christmas but since this is my platform…I’m gonna tell you anyway.  That’s the beauty of having your own blog.  Of course I’ve been compiling this list for quite some time.  It’s not really a Christmas list per say.  Think of it more as a list of things I need and/or want that just happen to be posted on this blog around Christmas time.  There.  That sounds better.  So sit back and enjoy

Canon EOS Rebel t3i Camera

canon rebel

Let’s face it, most people don’t read the words on my blog… they just look at the pictures.  You know what they say….a picture is worth a thousand words!  Anyway, I usually only take pictures with my iPhone and the quality of those pictures is shady at best.  For special occasions I may whip out my 12 megapixel Lumix camera but it still doesn’t take the best of pictures so I want an awesome camera.  And this is it. Many of the blogs I stalk speak very highly of this camera so I thought I should have one of my very own!

Apple MacBook Air Laptop


I am convinced that the computer industry is a racket!  I need a new laptop at least every two years.  System crash, technology updates, you run out of storage, or your laptop b v screen falls off because your kid drops it on the ground….repeatedly.  So since I am a bit in love with Apple products at the moment, I only think it’s fitting to upgrade to this new Apple MacBook Air Laptop.  I could go on about all the cool features but I’m sure you don’t care, just know that I want it….BAD!

Eye Fi Connect Wireless Memory Card


This has been on my Christmas List for the past two years and I haven’t gotten it!  That is unfortunate because this memory card is AWESOME!  It wirelessly downloads your pictures from your camera to your computer or smart phone or even your tablet and places them in organized, dated folders without having to even remove the memory card from your camera.   Can you say AMAZING!  I recently loss a memory card with a year of pictures on it including Evan’s 7th birthday pictures and I was bummed.  With this bad boy, all you have to do is be in close proximity to your computer, push a button and your pictures are there!

Front Load Washer & Dryer


We’ve owned our current washer and dryer for 10+ years and it’s time to say goodbye.  The dryer still works fine but the washer won’t spin unless it’s manipulated by using your finger to hold down the spin thingy or by strategically placing a paper clip in there to hold it down on it’s own.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  I would really be OK with just buying a new washer but you can’t have this fancy  red front load washing machine with a white top load dryer as it’s companion.  Have a little class!!  I can negotiate on the brand a bit.  But I do like bells and whistles so it still has to do cool stuff!

Secrets To A Healthy Metabolism by Maria Emmerich


Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger and my metabolism is starting to slow down to a snails pace and my hips are living proof.  While blog stalking, I came across a blog called This Lunch Rox.  It’s all about healthy lunches for your kids, but the author of the blog mentioned how this book changed her life.  Her words…not mine.  She claimed that the book helped her realize (in simple terms) how the choices you make in your food affect a lot more than your waist line.  Of course I know all of this but she claims that the author breaks it down in words that even a dummy would understand.  Not that I’m a dummy or anything but my eyes do glaze over when reading medical jargon.  I bet you’re wondering how I survived nursing school huh?!  Let’s just say I survived by the grace of God and leave it at that!

Bluetooth Headset


It’s 2011.  I should not have to take my hands off the wheel to answer my cell phone.  It’s just not a wise thing to do!  That being said… I need a wireless headset to make that happen.  Once again, I’m not picky about the brand.  This Plantronics Voyager headset looks cool and it’s affordable thus it’s on my list.

Rachel Ray Cookware


When the Teflon non stick coating peels off of your skillet and lands in your eggs….it’s time for new cookware!

Daired’s Spa Package

images (5)

I’m surrounded by all things boy all day everyday and sometimes I just want to feel pretty plus I get stressed  out like 90% of the U.S. Population.  A day at the spa would cure me of my stress and lack of prettiness. 

MAC makeup gift certificate


Going with the general theme that I don’t feel pretty…I need new cosmetics.  I currently have lip gloss, mascara and eye liner,  and a compact of old crusty eye shadow that should have been trashed years ago.  It’s time to add some color to my life.  Live life on the edge! 

A New Wardrobe

images (6)


Yes, I’m still on the whole “I don’t feel pretty” theme.  My closet is a mix of a bunch of stuff I bought on sale at one time or another.  No real defined style and definitely no high end pieces.  I’m all for a bargain but some stuff should be a splurge like a good pair of jeans, shoes, a little black dress, etc.  (The last little black dress I owned was purchased for me by my Mother In Law for my college graduation….11 years ago!}  Not to mention the fact that I have no accessories other than a couple pair of every day earrings and necklaces.  It’s time to step it up!


Fire & Water Proof Safe


What if our house caught on fire and we loss all things important to us that would be difficult and/or impossible to replace.  This safe would hold passports, birth certificates, wills, and a thumb drive filled with important files and pictures and such.  Now that’s forward thinking!

Well, there you have it folks.  A list of all the things I want and/or need this holiday season.  Receiving these items would make me very happy! *Hint*Hint*


  1. Great list - I hope you see some of them under your tree! I have a few pointers about front loaders before you invest if you are interested. Tell everyone I said Hi!

  2. Yes, I think I need that camera too. I think I need it so bad that I just told my hubby about it. He thinks I need a neuro exam. I hope YOUR Santa loves you. =-) Great list!

  3. @Denise... Please tell me the scoop on the front load washer. We miss you at work. Hurry back (of course after you're healed)

    @ Katie... Did you see this list!? There is no way any of it will come to fruition! A girl can dream right!


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