My precious Evan recently celebrated his 7th birthday.  Let me tell ya… it was a wang dang doodle of a party. Geez….who says wang dang doodle?!  Anyway, Evan kept saying that he wanted a video game party so a video game party he received!  We were entertained by Rolling Video Games which is a video game theater on wheels.  Evan had the time of his life along with all of his pals.  (Please forgive me for not having more pictures of the party, but I lost my memory card and these were the only pics I could find)


Check out the rolling video game trailer.  I wish I had pictures of the inside of this bad boy.  It was pretty sweet!  16 people playing video games on widescreens with surround sound speakers.  I was a bit overstimulated in my old age but the kids were in hog heaven!



Evan and his video game addiction is getting a bit out of hand but he was excited to receive more video games!



Since his birthday was on a Tuesday and his party was the Saturday before, we spent his actual birthday eating with friends at our favorite Hibachi restaurant… Edohana.   Everything is better with friends!  The boys had fun watching our chef prepare our meal in front of us.  Okay, maybe the volcano explosion/fire was a bit much but the rest of the show was fun to watch.



No birthday dinner is complete without having to wear a silly birthday hat and have the wait staff sing happy birthday to you while everyone in the restaurant sings and claps along.  Evan had the audacity to be embarrassed!  But we all enjoyed the fried ice cream topped with whipped cream and chocolate.  Yum!


**Please note that I am aware that my son has on the same shirt on both of these days.  I assure you that it was washed between wears…I think!

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