Mission Organization

It's no secret that I have a tiny bit of OCD when it comes to organizing. I enjoy having a place for everything and having everything in it's place. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, focus, and control in my otherwise chaotic life. But I will admit that it's easier for me to help others organize than it is to organize my own life.

For instance, I have piles of things tucked away in corners of my home that I have no idea what to do with. They are in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom and hallway. They may be organized piles but piles none the less! And that is an organizing no no! I rationalize it by saying I just don't have enough room in my house for all our stuff. When in actuality we have plenty of room for what we need, we just happen to have an excess of crap stuff we don't need!

So I am on a mission this week to get rid of all of my piles. I started with the one in the kitchen and it feels good! I simply threw away food that's been around for a few months and snacks that the boys don't eat and did a little pantry reorganization and whadda you know...everything fit!

Bye bye pile of miscellaneous snacks from who knows when!

Hello pantry full of easy to get to snacks that we do eat! And lo and behold...that gargantuan box of chips will fit!

With Love,

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