Love On Top

Apparently the world is in a buzz over Beyonce revealing that she is now expecting her first baby with Rap mogul Jay-Z during her performance on the VMA music awards! I must say that despite my personal issues with the two... I was giddy! Looking at Jay-Z's face light up with happiness and pride almost made me tear up a bit!

I even had flash backs about how Terrance and I felt when we were expecting each of our boys! The immediate love and attachment you feel to your unborn child is unlike any other feeling in the world. It's so amazing it can't be described with words. I must admit that a big part of my excitement is that I have a special place in my heart for black love and marriage. I know. I know. I should celebrate love no matter where it's found especially in the times we are living in, but I'll be honest and say that I feel a sense of pride and connection when I witness black love. There, I said it. It is what it is. There are not very many positive examples of black families out there so when I see it... I embrace it. We have The Obamas and Will & Jada but I can't think of many more with the clout that Beyonce and Jay-Z have so I will celebrate with them like she's my 'sista from another mista'!

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  1. Well said! We should double date to embrace our black love! Lol


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