Evan has started his educational career as a 1st grader and things are going smooth like butter! He's learned so much in the past year and the things that come out of his mouth continue to amaze me or make me shake my head or both!

Here's a snippet of today's car conversation:

Evan: Did you know that half the world faces the sun and the other half of the world faces away from the sun. But what if you're right in the middle?

Me: That's a good question. Why don't you ask daddy when he gets home cuz he's a science teacher.

Evan: Mommy why are some people born without arms?

Me: Well something could have happened while they were growing inside their mommy that made them be born without arms.

Evan: Oohh...gross!! So their arm gets cut off inside of you and your belly fills up with blood and stuff!!

Me: Well, not quite like that (as I turn up the radio to signal that this conversation is now over)!

Evan: Mommy (with his hands over his ears) please turn off your music! It's for people who are in love.


  1. Oh Evan!!! Miss you buddy! You are too sweet and funny!!

  2. That is too cute!

    And I do the same thing with that car radio to end weird kiddie conversations! LOL



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