12 Signs That You Need To Clean Your Floors!

1. Your socks and/or feet turn a nice shade of black when walking on your floor

2. You actually feel the dirt on your bare feet when you walk

3. You accumulate enough food on your kitchen floor to make a meal

4. Your children pick up old potato chip and fruit snack remnants and actually try to make it a meal

5. You find a half eaten strip of bacon on the floor... and you last cooked bacon a week ago

6. Your 6 year old son says "Mom, this floor is dirty... I'll help you clean up!"

7. You don't bother wiping your feet before you come inside

8. You mistake a dried up piece of hamburger meat from a pizza topping and you think it's a bug

9. You actually have to shoo away bugs

10. You hope your friends don't drop by unannounced and see how you actually live

11. You don't want to acknowledge to yourself how you actually live

12. When cleaning your counter tops, you just sweep the crumbs onto the floor cuz its dirty anyway

* the above 12 things may or may not have occurred in our household...I'll never tell!


  1. How funny!! I just checked off several of those that caused me to go on a crazy mopping spree yesterday!!

    Ugh - #2 is the worst!

  2. Have you been spying on me? Great post. I needed to hear this!

  3. first time visitor here... guilty. i'm especially bad about wiping countertop crumbs onto the floor b/c meh, dirty anyway. i need a lie coach.


  4. It's good to know that I'm not the only one with dirty floors! It appears to be an epidemic! LOL!


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