Happy Birthday To Me!

Well today is my birthday and I am super happy about it. I remember 4 years ago on this day when I spent the entire morning crying because I turned 30! I was here alone. Nobody invited me to breakfast or lunch or dinner and my hubs refused to take the day off and be with me! (Yes I'm still bitter about it because I begged for days for him to take off and he still said no! So for all you guys out there...take note! When your lady begs you to do something, she usually has a good reason for it or she wouldn't resort to begging!) I was 7 months pregnant and the hormones were raging and I just didn't want to be alone for 8 hours doggone it! He did make up for it with a candlelight lobster dinner and flowers and a new outfit, but that is beside the point!

I digress...

Today I am in a good place! I could rattle off all of the things I have to be happy about but I'm not gonna bore you with the details. Just know that this 34th birthday is truly a happy one!

With Love,


  1. I bet the reality is that you didn't really beg for your husband to take off, you just implied that you wanted him to take off. He may not have understood how important is was for him to take off. So for all the ladies out there, if you really want your husband to do something for you, just come right out and ask him or tell him want you want. Don't leave it to chance that he will catch on to what you really want...because he won't!

  2. Happy happy birthday!!! Hope it was an amazing day!

  3. Dear 'anonymous',

    I begged... Not implied... Begged! Repeatedly. So there!


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