Here is a list of the random things I thought about on our trip to Lufkin to visit my parents this past weekend.

Official logo of Lufkin Industries where my dad retired from after 36 years of service (just thought you'd like to know :-)

1. My boys can play video games for three hours straight.

2. My husband is content with not talking for three hours straight.

3. I can read books for three hours straight (as a result of #1&2).

4. My husband says the air is clearer in Lufkin. Hmmm... I've never noticed.

5. I've lost touch with pretty much all of my friends from Lufkin and I'm ok with that. People enter your life for a reason and a season.

6. My extended family isn't very close. I'd love to remedy that situation cuz it's a bit sad but I am at a loss as to how. Lots of issues that need to be worked out there. Two of my brothers still live in Lufkin and I didn't even lay eyes on them. Geez!

7. I found out that my cousin (my age) died from cancer...five years ago! That goes back to number 6.

8. Why on earth does my 76 year old dad have an iPhone? He has no computer, thus no Internet access, and has never sent a text message or email in his life. He's never even surfed the web for goodness sake! All that technology wasted. (update: my dad sent me his first ever text message this evening). He's so cool!

9. My boys need to spend a little time in the country to rough them up a bit. Feed a few chickens and hogs and enjoy the great outdoors. They are a little too citified for their own good.

10. I miss my folks when I'm away but once I'm back home I realize why I left! Hey...I'm just being honest here! Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or is that absence? Same difference!

With Love,


  1. In reponse to #3. Is it your preference to read for three hours straight? Is your husband supposed to talk to himself?

  2. Dear 'anonymous'
    You are a crazy person ;-) ! Let the record show that I enjoy talking over reading any day! Especially to my darling husband! He's the best thing since sliced bread. The apple of my eye. The syrup on my pancakes, and the sugar in my tea!


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