Evanism- Teeth?

This is a snippet of the many random conversations that took place between Evan and his grandma (my mom) this weekend during our visit.

Evan: Do you have teeth?

Ella: Shanita...Evan just asked me if I had any teeth.

Me: shrugging my shoulders

Ella: Why do you want to know Evan?

Evan: Because I don't see any and I want to know how you eat.

Ella: I eat just like you do.

Evan: No you don't because you don't have any teeth.

Me: (realizing that this could go on forever) Evan, it's not polite to ask people if they have any teeth.

Evan: Why not?

Me: It just isn't. It's personal.

Evan: shrugging his shoulders and probably itching to ask what personal means... then he turns and walks away

Ella: I guess I'm going to have to do better!

Me: Welcome to my world!

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