Ok. I know that posting pics of the recipes that I make is a bit ghetto fabulous but I've tried to find links to the recipes to no avail, and I'm too lazy to retype them! These are recipes that I've printed out and added to my recipe binder. Yes, I have a recipe binder full of recipes that I hardly use. But today is a new day! I promise that I won't do daily posts of our meals, but this is the first week and I'm a bit excited here!

Here's today's menu:

Sward's casserole recipe


Okay, this looks a bit shady in the picture, but it was GOOD! I omitted the Gruyere cheese because let's face it... I have no idea what Gruyere cheese is! I just added more mozzarella. I'll definitely have to add this to our thumbs up list!

Happy eating!


  1. Oh Shanita... go get you some gruyere cheese and FEAR NOT! That cheese is fabulous. I love all cheeses though... it's a little stinky but so. good.

    I like your latest crock pot recipe... always looking for something I can toss together in the morning and have dinner ready on time w/out stressing over it!

  2. Posting pics of your meal is not ghetto, it is preferred! Most people are visual people, at least I am. There are tons of cooking blogs and they all post pics so please...post pics away! The Asian bird sounds good...wish I had seen a pic..lol!



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