Christmas Card 2010


christmas2010 created on Shutterfly.


I was very impressed with how the cards turned out.  They were printed on card stock so they look and feel pretty professional. They were super easy to create and the prices were reasonable.  The only problem was that I only ordered 25 cards….big mistake. Maybe I should have compiled my card giving list before ordering.  Ya think!?  I had to order extra photo cards from Wal-Mart that had the same picture but weren’t nearly as nice.  However, I ordered them and picked them up in an hour.  How’s that for instant gratification!



  1. We always use Shutterfly for our christmas cards! Except this year I misread a Groupon... thought it said Shutterfly but it was Kodak, so I had to use Kodak. Boo... THEN didn't even get to use my groupon b/c the cards wouldnt have shipped in time! Seriously! Ugh... anyway I printed to target and had them same day. lol It all worked out but not nearly as nice as Shutterfly. :) Love your card... only 25? SMH!


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