I love my hair: A father's tribute to his daughter

I came across this video on the Makes Me Wanna Holler Blog. It's a song that aired on Sesame Street at the beginning of this month. Check it out!

For more info on the history of the video click here.

For those who don't know. Black folks place a lot of emphasis on hair. It's one of the first things we notice about one another. It is like a symbol of class or lack thereof. These past few years there has been a shift to embracing the natural hair that God gave us. Whereas before, curly/kinky hair was definitely frowned upon. Straight hair has always been the goal: by any means necessary. My mom has been straigtening my hair since before I can remember. I've never worn my hair natural until I hit my 30's. Amazing huh?! My dad still frowns on my natural locs. He even told me "Next time I see you...please have something done to your hair" Good old dad! Loving my hair has been a long journey but it is healthier than it's ever been and I am no longer spending hours and tons of money in the beauty salon to make my hair do something that it was not meant to do.

One day little black girls will grow up knowing that their hair doesn't have to look like their blond, straight haired classmates in order for them to love it and themselves.

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