My Favorite Things

Last weekend our refrigerator died after 8 yrs of faithful service. It was traumatic for our family. My good pal Gretch let us borrow a dorm size fridge in the interim but we had to do without our fridge for 6 days until our new fridge could be delivered by Home Depot.

Well, our new LG fridge is here and I luurve it! As you all know, I'm a wanna be tech junky and I love shiny new tech stuff and this fridge delivers!

Besides the shiny stainless steel.... Here a few of the things I love about it:

Awesome French doors that give you tons of room for large storage. You can even fit a large platter in this bad boy if the need strikes!

Gallon storage in the door. Now the milk and OJ are easier to get to.

Bottom freezer cuz really...do you use the freezer enough to have it on top?

Ice/water maker in door instead of in freezer and fridge taking up space. Plus it's large enough to fill a pitcher. Not just some measly 8oz cup!

LED Digital touch screen display... Enough said!

LED lighting inside fridge. It just looks nice and is easier on the eyes.

Child lockout and alarm that sounds when you leave the door open too long. Now I know when one of the boys didn't close the fridge after prowling around in it. Plus I have a bad habit of leaving the fridge open while cooking. (I know...baaad habit)

I am in love. I've never felt this way about an appliance before...except for my Keurig coffee maker but this is even better than that!

Soooo cool!



  1. Wow! I definitely have fridge envy right now :)

  2. Now that is one big mofo! So nicely organized I might add!

  3. Hmmm.... I can't keep up with the Lofton's... Fridge envy here, too.


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