Birthday Boy

Evan is now 6 yrs old and we celebrated it in style. I'm not bragging or anything but my parents have never in 33 years made my birthday a 24 hr affair...I'm just sayin'! But I did my best to make his day special.

We started the morning with a breakfast date. It was nice to have some mother/son time together with no interruptions from daddy or a pesky little brother!

We then headed to the movies to see The Legends of the Guardians. We had the entire movie theater to ourselves, so we stretched out and laughed as loud as we could.

I cleaned out a bag of old Halloween paraphernalia trying to scrounge up an outfit for this season. Evan busied himself by playing with some old Halloween trinkets.

We even let Ian play along. As if we had a choice!

Next we headed to daddy's football game. It was the first game we've attended all season. We are usually a more supportive family but we've had an off year.

Then it was off to Chuck-e-cheese for pizza & games. We were crazy enough to buy 100 tokens and we used them ALL. I was fit to be tied after an hour but the boys (daddy included) were determined to get through all those dad-blasted tokens!

Games...games...and more games!

Evan said he had a great day! He's sooo animated, but it still felt good to know that he enjoyed his special day!


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