Career choice: Paleontologist

We frequent The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History quite often for our weekly playgroup. The place is educational and fun and the kids love it.

There's an exhibit at the museum called the DinoDig that has buried dinosaur fossils for the kids to discover. Fake of course. They get to grab their tools and get hands on experience in paleontology. We tend to stay away from this exhibit because water + dirt + boys = messy vehicle (a pet peeve of mine) but today we let them loose to put their excavation skills to the test.

It took the boys a while to figure out what they were looking for. In fact we had to point it out. I think they just wanted to shovel dirt.

Careful... I think I found one!

Check out my excavating tools. A brush and a shovel is all I need!

"Gavin...look what I found!"

You can't really tell but this is Ian walking in a stream to find more fossils. His feet were muddy and his jeans were soaking wet!


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