Early bird

A conversation with Ella a.k.a. Mom:

Brrrriiing. Brrrriiing. Brrriiinng.

Ella: Hello.

Me: Well, good morning! (in my most cheery voice)

Ella: What do u want?

Me: ...staring at the phone in shock...Excuse me! I just wanted to thank you for dinner last night!

Ella: Did you know it was early in the morning?

Me: Yes. I've been up since 6 something. I've made breakfast, packed lunches, and taken Evan to school and now I'm folding laundry.

Ella: Well aren't you smart.

Me: Ok, I'll let you go now since you've obviously woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Ella: starts fussing about me not coming home for my 15 yr class reunion and about my brother asking for money and about me dropping the phone in her ear (these iPhones are impossible to hold with your ear and shoulder)

Me: rolling my eyes at this point... Well, call me back when you are not so grumpy.

Ella: Ok. Bye.

I hung up and looked at the time. Geez, it's 8:30 am. Who am I? I usually don't function until 10 or 11 am. I don't do mornings! And apparently I got it honest! I'm a night owl to the core. Mornings are my nemesis but lately I'm up at the crack of dawn and now I'm calling people and chatting them up. Is this my life now?

I think I need a nap!



  1. You can call me. I be up. I be chatty. :-)

  2. From one non-morning person to another... Call me! This new found need for education by my 5 yr old has me up and calling people too early too! I did that just the other day and apologized b/c I try to refrain until at LEAST 9am! lol :)


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