Happy Birthday Ian

Well, my baby is getting older. My sweet Ian is now 3yrs old! I woke up this morning and told him Happy Birthday and began to tell him how proud I am that he's growing up and how sad I am that my youngest son is no longer a baby anymore. Here's tidbits from our conversation:

Me: Ian you're gonna grow up to be a big boy, then a teenager, then a grown man like daddy!

Ian: Yeah, but first I have to be a boy!

Me: That's right, first you'll be 3 then 13 then 23. You'll go to elementary then high school and learn how to drive and then go to college and get a job and get married to a nice girl like Brooklyn ( a pretty little chocolate girl in his Mothers's Day Out class) and have babies of your own! (ok... I know I was taking it a little too far).


Me: That was not the point of the story Ian, and NO you should never drive fast!



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