10 Reasons Why I LOVE Summer!

1. The fruit is ripe and in season. All the fresh, juicy, sweet berries, and melons you can stand!
2. We don't have to wake up early to be anywhere.  Every morning is a morning to sleep in!
3. Daddy's home which means more family time.  I don't feel like a single parent!
4. The Honey-Do list actually gets done.
5. Family Vacations. What a perfect way to make family memories.
6. Swimming.  A perfect way to tire the boys out and stay cool in the hundred degree Texas weather.
7. Cook Outs.  Food just tastes better off the grill.  You can even eat outside and keep your kitchen clean.
8. Sunny Days just put you in a good mood.
9. Summer Dresses.  They are so feminine and flirty plus they keep you cool and hide a multitude of sins.
10. Being Outside.  Letting the boys outside to play instead of being trapped inside playing video games and getting a bad case of cabin fever!

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