The Artist

When your kids are young, you get lots of hand made drawings shoved in your face given to you by your budding artists.  Each drawing is considered to be a prized possession but some of them stick out in your head more than others.  Here are a couple of drawings that Evan presented to me over the past few weeks.

The other day I wore this shirt to take the boys to school.

Evan drew this picture of me that day in school.  He said he didn't draw any pants because he couldn't remember what color pants I had on.  I guess it's better to be naked instead be inaccurate...right?!

Mommy & Daddy Kissing
Okay, this picture is sweet yet disturbing.  Evan said he drew his mommy and daddy kissing.  Notice the green line coming from Terrance's mouth to mine. Is that supposed to be spit? Ummm....gross!

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  1. I really love the TWA he drew for you, complete with a little headband! Cute.


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