I'm still here!

Sorry for the blogging break.  We've been a bit busy (atleast I have).  Mother's Day, followed by my 33rd birthday, followed by wrapping up the end of the preschool year for the boys and getting Evan squared away for kindergarten next year. Can you believe that my baby will be in elementary?  I am excited and sad at the same time.  I'm so used to having the boys home with me during the week. Anyway...

On top of all of that, we did a doggy sitting trial at our house for several days.  Casey, a cocker spaniel...we think, was the perfect dog if there ever was a perfect dog out there, but Ian was terrified of him.  We had to carry Ian around on our hips or sit him up on the counters the whole time Casey was with us.  Evan on the other hand was great.  He woke up and let Casey out to potty in the mornings. He made sure Casey ate his food and he even tried to teach him to sit.  Terrance admitted that Casey was one of the better dogs out there but he enjoys the freedom of not having a dog so since the house was divided 2 against 2 we decided to not keep Casey since we were not all on the same page. 

So I'll hit you all with some updates pretty soon.  Have a great weekend!

                      Here's a picture of Casey...isn't he sooo adorable!

Here we are on Mother's Day enjoying the breakfast that Terrance had prepared for me when I got home from work!  YUMMY! (and look...Ian is smiling)

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