The Graduate

Well Evan has passed a major milestone in his life. He has graduated from Pre-Kindergarten! Next step...college! Just jokin'! His real next step is elementary.

This is where Evan will be hopefully his entire elementary career. Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center. It's right across the street from my alma mater: Texas Christian University. Go Frogs!

Here's an actual picture of the front door. So adorable.

Can you believe it!? My first born child will be away at school five days a week for seven hours a day. I'm so used to him being with me! I know he'll have a blast but this marks the beginning of 'school' for him. I can't just keep him home with me cuz I feel like it since they'll be taking attendance and such. Plus there will be homework and projects and I have to have him there on time! Way too much pressure.

On top of all of that, Ian is going to miss his big bro. He has always had his bro around all his life and now they will be miles apart the majority of the day. Maybe it will be a good thing. You know what they say...absence makes the heart grow fonder!

I know it's time for Evan to move on. He is the oldest and biggest kid in our playgroup (even though at times he acts like the youngest). Time for him to put on his big boy britches and face the real world.

I haven't shed any tears yet watching my baby grow up but they say the first day of kindergarten is a tough one. I'm not super emotional but we will see how it goes.

Until then... Congratulations Evan!


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