Laundry Room Reveal

I’ve been talking about and stressing over it for weeks now but my laundry room is finally done and I love it.  We have been looking at our sad excuse for a laundry room for 3 years now and it has been a thorn in my side.  I hated this room.  It was ugly, dirty, disgusting and embarrassing.  I felt like it reflected poorly on us as home makers.  We walked through this tiny room several times a day over the past 3 yrs and tried to ignore it because there were bigger fish to fry.  But it is complete and I am no longer embarrassed.  I want to show it off!

First let me give you the basics.  Our laundry room is tiny.  When the door to the kitchen and to the garage are open at the same time, you can barely stand in it.  It is simply a passageway from the garage to the kitchen.  But it gets a lot of foot traffic since it’s how we enter and leave our home.  It had half removed floors, no cabinet doors, disgusting wall paint, moldy trim, missing light switches and dingy cream colored doors.  I can’t believe we put off this remodel for 3 yrs!

I want to apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  It’s hard to get the right angle in a room so doggone small!

Check out the before

P1020801 This floor is a sight for sore eyes.  This was our attempt (3 yrs ago) to remove the disgusting vinyl flooring.  We thought it would be easy….not so much! Notice how small our walk way is with both doors open.

P1020802 No doors on cabinets.  Cabinets are stuffed full with misc items and tools that are supposed to be in the garage

P1020804 I’m sure this is a safety hazard…that’s all I have to say!

P1020805 Look at our ceiling which was patched up when we moved in (3 yrs ago) because it was sagging for some unknown reason.  Terrance patched up the sagging but didn’t follow through so it has looked like this for….say it with me… 3yrs! The puke pink color was my attempt to make the room look feminine a year or so ago.  It didn’t work. It was the ugliest pink known to man.  Look at the color of that door.  Um…. Gross!

So Terrance got busy!

P1020845 Making progress.  A friend of ours blessed us with a paint sprayer and Terrance put it to good use.  The thing is amazing.  Here are our doors drying in the garage on a makeshift clothesline (the tracks of our garage door)

P1020846 pic of door after painting, no more dingy door

And look at us now! Drumroll please…..

P1020905 I finally have my key rack!  I have been late to a many places because I’ve misplaced my keys.  Not a problem anymore.  I even like the picture of the puppy that says ‘Laundry Services, Help Wanted’  I now have bright white trim and new light switch covers.  Loovvvee it!

P1020915 This trash can is so perfect.  It is a cutesy yellow color and just the right size.  No more collecting lint and dryer sheets on top of the dryer.  Just step and drop!  Also check out my new tile floors.  This is the best tile job that Terrance has ever done (and he’s done a lot).  It is almost perfect.  So much nicer than the tacky vinyl!

P1020912Isn’t this gorgeous?! My cabinets have doors with shiny new pulls and the ‘Laundry’ sign is perfect.  I even added some pictures for that personal touch ( I just noticed that the pics are crooked…my bad).  My powdered detergent (yes, I have both powdered and liquid…a girls gotta have options) got a new home in this cute glass jar.  It sits on top of the washer for easy access. 

P1020910 Awwww, me and the boys.  My inspiration to do laundry!!! I wish I had a picture that really captured the yellow we used on the walls and ceiling.  The paint color is called Vintage Yellow by Glidden. It is the perfect yellow. The pictures don’t do it justice.  It really opens up the tiny dark laundry room.  I even keep the door open to the room now whereas before, I hated to even walk through it to get to and fro.

P1020917 Just another view of my new favorite room!  I’m so happy.  You can see also that the ceiling is yellow and we got us a new light fixture because the old one was t.a.c.k.y.

Once again, my hubby came through on this remodel.  He wouldn’t let me help at all.  I didn’t even get to paint.  I just came in at the end to clean up and add a few accessories. Now we’re DONE! Overall, it took a week from start to finish with Terrance just working on it a couple hours in the evening after work. 

Here are the nuts and bolts:

Tile: $46

Paint: $32.00

Accents: $18.00

Light switches & Covers $19.00

Ceiling Light: $15

Misc:$39.00 (tools and equipment)

Total: approx. $170.00


  1. Dang! You guys could start your own home improvement show. I am so impressed with all the things you have built lately!!

  2. Wow! I wish I had a handy hubby! So impressed!!

  3. Ya'll make make remodeling look easy. I have laundry room envy.....


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