Weight Loss Update

This week was a bit better.  I still knowingly made a few poor choices but I tried a smidge harder than I did the past couple of weeks.  I lost 1.8 lbs.  For a grand total of  5 lbs lost.  I'm learning a lot about my body and my eating habits and about how to retrain my body and mind to desire healthy foods.  Man, this is a long journey! 

Anyway,  I purchased these two bathing suits the other day from Victoria's Secret.  All I can say is that I'd better get on the ball if I want to look anywhere close to these chics.  I'm just shooting for not looking disgusting and I'll be happy!

This one is my fave!  I love the purple.  Go TCU/SFA/LHS! It was $36.  Worth it, in my opinion!

I'm not a super fan of paisley but this one was on sale ($23.00) and it's cute too!

I have a long way to go before I feel as confident as these gals look in these pics but I'm determined.  Wish me luck!

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