The Little Leopards

I haven't posted many updates and pictures of my little super star, Evan.  My camera bit the dust right in the middle of basketball season at the beginning of the year but as you know, I have a new camera and I've taken tons of pictures of my Champ!  Most of them are still on my camera but I did download a few to share with you. I have a lots of video footage but I'm not sure how to edit and upload videos (I don't want you to hear me screaming in the background).

So here are a few pictures of Evan and his soccer team... The Little Leopards!  This is his fourth season to play soccer and we think he likes it.  He has fun and he never complains about going to practice or going to his games (even in the cold and rain).  I personally think he just likes to play around with other kids.

Check him out... trying to figure out his strategy (or either he's staring at his shadow...who knows)

"Let me position the ball just right before I kick the snot out of it"


Throw it in Evan!

I'll try to keep you better updated.  Scouts honor!

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