Spring Cleaning

I know you’re dying to know what I’ve been up to...  Well spring cleaning of course and it’s been a doozy! 

As I’ve mentioned before I am on a quest to simplify all areas of my life.  Too much of my time is spent in chaos so I’m determined to stop that vicious cycle.

One major area that needs simplifying is my home.  We have too much junk!  I’ve cleverly hidden a lot of this junk in closets and garages and attics and such but it’s time for that to end.  I’ve even become a pro at organizing my junk and making it look nice without attacking the real problem which is getting rid of the junk in the first place.

008 This closet may look organized but it’s just a bunch of junk stacked nicely on top of each other. This is my next project.

I was reading a blog the other day…sorry but I have no idea which one it was…. that said that the Public Storage industry has increased by like 85% in the past few years.  What does that mean….Americans have too much junk!

Why I’m simplifying

1. If our belongings are hidden in closets, boxes and attics then we forget that we even have it thus increasing the chances of us just repurchasing stuff and wasting money.

2. I don’t like clutter!

014 this empty dresser was a welcoming site because it was filled with unused clothes

3. One man’s junk is another mans’ treasure.  I kind of like giving my unused items away to people that really need them.  One reason we keep stuff is cuz we feel like “Man, this is nice, I might need this again someday” But deep down we know we’re done with it.  So I try and find someone who needs my buried treasures. It beats letting stuff sit around and collect dust!

012 some kid out there may really enjoy all of these clothes instead of having them sit around in boxes in our closet

4. I don’t want to become my father.  John Cole is a pack rat.  Bottom Line.  He doesn’t get rid of anything!  I think it stems from being poor as a child so now he never throws anything away and keeps buying more junk all with the mind frame of “I might need this one day”  It’s crazy.  I told him that hoarding is a real illness that he needs to seek counseling for and he just says….”Lay off of me, DeShay”  I don’t want that to be me… ever!

029  bye bye clutter…it’s off to Goodwill we go with the items I couldn’t find a home for

5. It gives me a chance to really clean.  Okay, this is not really a motivator but it’s the truth.

006I was even able to get the boys excited about cleaning!

6.  It keeps me motivated.  Instead of overwhelmed, I feel at peace in a sense.  I’m even more motivated to keep things simple (which means really trying not to over buy stuff in the first place).  Plus I was able to do a little redecorating.

026 check out the boys room, clutter free and oh, so cute!

Until next time……

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