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As you know, the blogosphere is filled with blogs about any and everything.  A friend of mine introduced me to a blog called Knock Off Wood.  I looove it.  This blog has all kind of designs for all kinds of knock off furniture from places like Pottery Barn (who we all know is super expensive) and Land of Nod.  The site owner, Ana, makes instructions that are super easy to follow to make things even better. 

We have been in the market for new bedroom furniture but we are unfortunately on a bit of a budget.  Well Knock Off Wood had plans for this Farmhouse bed from Pottery Barn

pbfarmhouse image from Pottery Barn

YAY!  Since I have a pretty handy husband, we decided to try our hand at building furniture.  Anything to save a buck, right?

I knew it would take some time to build a king sized bed… so we decided to start with something small.  The site also had plans for these bookshelves which I thought would be perfect to use as night stands on either side of the bed (once it’s built).

Pottery_Barn_Cameron_Bookcase_pink-green  image from Pottery Barn

So off we went to Home Depot (me and the boys) to get everything we needed to build our bookshelves.  I took a copy of the plans which had detailed instructions on what to buy and what tools you’ll need to get the project done.  Lisa, at Home Depot took care of the rest.  They were awesome there.  They didn’t seem to be bothered that I was completely clueless with two rowdy boys that were hungry and ready for a nap. Sam over in the lumber cutting area cut all of the boards to the exact measurements listed in the instructions and we were off to make some furniture.

This may take a while considering I work weekends and my hubby works during the week and we seldom have a lot of overlapping time.  We will get it done though.  Keep ya posted.

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