Cell submission

Evan: Mommy I want another little brother or sister.
Me: Aren't you happy with just Ian?
Evan: No. So mommy you need to get married again so you can have more babies.
Me: I can just have more babies with daddy, I don't need to get married again! Daddy will help me.
Evan: But only girls can have babies.
Me: But guys help.
Evan: How?
Me: Ask your dad.
Evan: Daddy, how do guys help make another baby?
Terrance: A man submits a cell and a woman submits a cell and the cells come together and make a baby.
Evan: Well daddy submit a cell!
Terrance: Good grief! It's not that easy!



  1. Very impressed with Terrance's uncomplicated and to-the-point response! My husband would stutter something about Mommies and Daddies and love and God and then he'd change the subject!!

  2. I'm glad I punted that question to Terrance because I would have gone into much greater detail and traumatized the kid!


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