030My Evan…He’d better be glad he’s so darn cute!

We’ve been working on good manners with the boys like all loving and responsible parents do. Terrance has taught them that you should never burp in front of girls because it’s very rude.  (Of course burping is perfectly fine in a room full of guys I guess)  Anyway, here’s a conversation with Evan while riding in the car the other day.


Evan:  BBBUUURRRPP! (from the back seat)

Me: Evan, you’re not supposed to burp in front of girls.

Evan: I didn’t burp in front of you, I burped behind you!

Me: Ok smarty pants! In front, around, behind, beneath, or whatever prepositional phrase you want to use. NO BURPING WHEN GIRLS ARE PRESENT!


  1. This layout is AWESOME!!!! I even bragged on it to my husband. I have blog envy! :-)

  2. Thanks Denise...I'm lovin' it!


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