Butterflies in the Gardens

The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is presenting an exhibit of Butterflies in the Gardens.  It showcases butterflies from all around the world.  Of course our playgroup kiddos could not miss out on this.  Here are pictures from the Butterfly Exhibit…

024 Here are the kiddos waiting to go inside

030 I tried to get this one to open his wings…they were a beautiful blue color but he wasn’t cooperating

031 I’m lovin’ my new camera.  It takes really nice pictures

047 Don’t you love my butterfly T-shirt?  It was sooo perfect for the occasion

056 Handsome Evan

052 more butterflies

035 watch your step… Freshly hatched (is that the right word) butterflies were released in front of us.  Some fell to the ground and the butterfly keeper (is that a term) had to help them get up and going

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