A Century

Our church, Greater Love Chapel Church of God In Christ is celebrating their 100 year anniversary.  This is an amazing feat because only a hand full of churches in Fort Worth can say that they have been around for 100 years! 

We have celebrated this accomplishment to the max.  We are having our centennial banquet, parade, picnic, and church service.  We also have memory books, T-shirts, towels, hats, etc,etc,etc. It has been pretty exciting at GLC!  We even put together a time capsule for the next generation to open when they celebrate their next centennial milestone.

The founder of the Church of God in Christ, Bishop Charles Harrison Mason, even spoke in our very pulpit.  How amazing is that. For those who want to know a little more about the history of The Church of God in Christ, click here.  If you’re not really into history but you just want to know more about our church doctrine (what we believe), click here.

107 Here are The Boys sportin ‘ their Centennial T-shirts

If you’re not doing anything on March 28,2010 at 4pm. Please come out and help us celebrate turning 100 yrs old!


Greater Love Chapel C.O.G.I.C.

1149 East Rosedale

Fort Worth, TX 76104

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