I only worked one day last weekend and I feel so rejuvenated. I was able to get a lot of stuff accomplished that's been on my list of things to do. Starting with my never ending pile of laundry. The boys were down to their last pair of underwear and socks so I made their pile my priority. I was even able to organize what they would be wearing for the entire week! Thus shaving 10 minutes off of my morning routine.

The boys share a closet so this organizer doo hickey is really convenient.  It also serves as a divider between Evan & Ian's clothes.

I even prepared my menu for the week along with a grocery list of what I needed for each meal. Then I searched my pantry and freezer to see what items I already had. Turns out I only needed very few grocery items for the four days I plan on cooking.

Notice that I have an optional meal for the day I cook the chicken and dumplings because my boys aren't fond of that meal 

Also, I finally put up our Christmas tree. I've been dreading this because we have a huge artificial 9ft monster of a tree that is a beast to assemble and decorate. I solved this problem by buying a 6ft prelit tree at family dollar for $20. I added a few ornaments and called it a day. It took twenty minutes from start to finish even with the boys taking ornaments off as I was putting them on. They finally got fired from being my helpers!

Since the tree is still taller than my boys, they still think it's awesome.  It's a bit shorter than Terrance so he gives me a hard time about my 'miniature' tree

I hope I am this productive next week. It feels pretty good!



  1. You're nuts! I love those clothes lined up for the week...hope the weather cooperates!! :-)

  2. I don't know very many people that can make a $20 tree from Family Dollar look like THAT. You rock!


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