Top Chef...or something like that

The other day I recieved this report from Ian's teacher.

notice that he 'played kitchen....'

So my friend Katie was gracious enough to give us this kitchen because her girls were blessed with a new upgraded kitchen...

Check out the tshirts and jeans and sagging pants....ALL BOY! Despite the fact that they are pretending to cook in a kitchen with flowers in the window!

Check it out...it has a grill.  I even bought chicken and hot dogs for them to grill

Fresh vegetables to be washed in the sink and dinner cooking on the stove!

I've wanted to get Evan a kitchen since he was a toddler but my husband has been dead set against it.  He thinks that boys should play with workbenches and video games and electronics. Where's the fun in that!? But I could not pass up this opportunity for a free kitchen.  Terrance doesn't complain about it anymore now that he's noticed how much the boys love it.


  1. What better way to win a woman than by impressing her with your mad-kitchen skills?? I love that the boys are having fun! Yay!

  2. I think this is so great! Now they can move up to playing in the real kitchen with you, right???

  3. The flowers in the window are my favorite part!


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