Happy Thanksgiving

Hope every one has a very Happy Turkey Day. Take time to count your blessings! Here's an Evanisms to put a smile on your face.

While visiting my parents in Lufkin for Thanksgiving, here's a conversation that took place in my old bedroom...

Evan: Mommy did you used to live here when you were a kid?
Me: Yep, this used to be my room.
Evan: Now you live with us.
Me: Yeah, I live with my own family and when you grow up and marry a sweet girl you can come back home to me and daddy to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Evan: I'm going to have a girl and name her Porsha and I'm going to have a boy and name him Negro.
Me: WHAT!?
Evan: Negro. That's Spanish for black.
Me: Oh

Happy Thanksgiving!


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