The Possibilities are Endless

I've been thinking.  Which always leads to some sort of grand revelation (insert smile here).  I've been pondering lately about what direction I want to take my blog in.  Of course the options are endless.  I could make this blog strictly about my boys so they can have it as a sort of scrapbook for them to look back on when they are old and gray. I could write about being a mom in general with all the fascinating things that mothers face emotionally, physically, and mentally.  Or I could make this my own type of online journal that I use to express whatever is on my mind when I sit down at the computer. 

I asked the question: What will keep me more likely to keep this blog going?  And the answer to that question is:  All of the above.  You see, it's my blog which means I pretty much have free reign over what is posted here.  So maybe one week you'll see tons of pictures and posts about my boys.  The next week you might see exactly how I feel about this whole marriage thing (insert smile here...Terrance).  Heck, I might even comment on the what's happening in the world or in politics.  And follow it all up with a few posts on spirituality.  In other words....the possibilities are endless! 

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!


  1. Looking very forward to all of your posts, about all of your thoughts, family, and interests!

  2. I think this is my favorite post so far! Go for what you know -- and you know YOU! :) Can't wait to continue reading!


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