Ian got bit by the swine flu bug.  Me being the cocky nurse that I am thought for sure my kids would never come down with the piggy flu but low and behold Ian gets hit with it.  I actually cried in the doctor's office.  Dr. Raine handed me a tissue and patted me on the shoulder and told me it wasn't my fault but I still felt guilty like I didn't do a good enough job protecting my kids.  I know, I know. I overreacted.  I feel better now so I thought I'd share this picture with you.

I thought this was a funny sight. It's my swine flu station...

Hand sanitizer
Kleenex x2
Bulb syringe
Thermometers x2
Cup... To force fluids
The Bible
Scholastic book order forms
Medicine inserts from Tamiflu prescription (under the book order forms)

The only thing missing is the Tamiflu because it has to be refrigerated!  We've been stuck in the house all day and the boys are getting a serious case of cabin fever.  Ian is feeling much better.  He's up and at 'em and is even back to bullying his older brother.  His fever is gone and he's had 4 doses of Tamiflu and a lot of prayer.  Hopefully the hard part is over!

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  1. NOOOO!

    I would feel the same way. I'm soo glad he is feeling better. I hope, hope, hope that big brother and Mom and Dad escape without illness!


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