10 Things About Me

A little background to this post.  My friend Greta challenged all of our fellow blogging buddies to post 10 things about ourselves to our blogs.  Okay, here it is...THE LIST!  I've been working on this list for a week!  It was so hard for me to find 10 interesting things about me.  I thought of a lot of things that would not be appropriate to share before narrowing it down to the following!  Enjoy!

1. I am addicted to fried green tomatoes from Button's restaurant.  It has the best combinations of flavors and I eat them (via take out) atleast once a week.

2. I don't pay attention to most details.  I won't notice if you've cut your hair, lost 5 lbs, painted your bedroom or if you're wearing a new piece of jewelry. I may notice that something is different but am usually at a loss as to what it is.  I'm a big picture kind of gal and leave the details to others.

3. I don't like bugs of any kind.  They are gross and creepy and I will usually scream when surprised by one. 

4. that being said...I startle easily.

5. I require ridiculous amounts of sleep.  I remember my friend spending the night with me in elementary school and she called her mom to pick her up the next afternoon because I was still sleeping....AT NOON!  I woke up and she was gone.  I have been known to sleep for 18 hours straight.  I LOVE IT! 

6. I hate waiting.  Long lines, traffic, dr's offices, deliveries at work, etc.  It annoys me. I'm more into instant gratification!

7. I'm a black girl with no rhythm. It's pretty sad. My husband says its because I was a cheerleader and was taught to be stiff to 'stick my moves'.  I'd do anything to be able to move my hips like Beyonce'...maybe not anything but you get my point.

8. I have a touch of OCD.  Example: I can't leave my house until I straighten my kitchen which is why I'm probably late everywhere I go.  I have to have my desk organized before I sit down at the computer. My clothes are arranged in my closet by color. I can't stand to have a messy pod at work.  My kids toybox is even organized.  It's sad.  I've gotten a lot better since having children and being married to Terrance I must say.

9. I ran track in college on a full scholarship...but I HATE RUNNING!  I do not understand why people run for the fun of it.  I ran all of 13 seconds when doing the hurdles and under a minute when running the 400m dash.  Anything after that was overkill.  I tried to run a 5k a few years ago (with my husband) and almost died and have never tried that again. 

10. It makes me sad that my boys are getting older.  I loved the baby stage when you could hold them and snuggle them and they smelled like baby lotion.  Now they are tall and awkward and don't like to be held and they sometimes don't smell so fresh! 

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