Popcorn Anyone?

The other day, I thought it would be a good idea to pop some homemade popcorn while the family enjoyed watching a movie together. During a commercial, I went downstairs to heat the oil. I ran back upstairs to see if the commercial was over.....and it was.....so I sat down to continue watching. The rest is history!
The smoke alarms started blaring and Terrance jumped up and was hit with smoke coming up the stairs. He rounded the corner to the kitchen and yelled "Holy Smokes...Everyone outside!" I knew this was bad because Terrance never yells! I shooed the boys to the front yard and ran back in to see what the problem was and flames were everywhere. I called 911 and then opened the garage so Terrance could throw the burning pot outside. Inside, the flames were still burning into the vent hood so Terrance found the fire extinguisher and put it out.
I told the FD that the fire had been put out but they insisted on coming out because they said that sometimes fire can still continue to burn inside the walls. They used an 'xray' machine (at least that's what they called it) and checked to see if anything was still burning....and it wasn't. Thank God!
They had a few jokes about me trying to cook Sunday dinner and next time use the microwave and they were out!
Check out the bag of kernels to the left....waiting to be popped

The poor pot that had to be thrown away along with the oven mit

We had a huge mess to clean up after the 'incident'. Fire went all the way up into the vent under the hood and metal dripped back down onto the cooktop and burned it. Soot, and fire extinguisher goo was everywhere!

Good 'ol Fort Worth Fire Department


  1. Wow. My husband did something similar with the grill. Glad everyone is okay!

  2. Oh girl...you are cracking me up! Have you ever heard of microwaving popcorn?? Glad you're all ok.

  3. speechless...



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