It seems to be the only word in Ian's vocabulary right now. It's his answer to everything.

Ian do you want a banana? NO (as he grabs the banana)

Ian do you want a nap? NO (as he lays his head down on the pillow)

Ian step away from the tv. NO (as he backs up)

He even answers NO when Mickey Mouse asks him to sing along on tv!

Can we come up with some other word like Nope or Nada, or Nuh Unh, or Nah or Negative. I'm just tired of the word NO!

Evan seemed to fly past this stage. He has always been good at expressing what he really feels. His no meant no and his yes meant yes. I've read about this stage in a kids development but I'm at a loss on how to fix it. The magazine tips don't help. I'm open to any suggestions!

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  1. Ha! I am lovin' that picture to go along with the "NO!" As for advice...I have none other than answering "oh, yes, you do want the banana." etc. to his "no". Your guess is as good as mine!


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