Why on earth am I blogging right now?!

Because I'm beyond tired. In fact I would consider this a zombie like state where I am not in control of my actions. Just cruising along on auto pilot. I haven't been asleep in over 24 hours. Well, unless you count the 10 minute cat naps that I've taken throughout the day only to be awakened by Evan & Ian screaming ....Mommy open this! Mommy I'm hungry! Mommy, he's hitting me!

I am overstimulated beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life. The TV is blaring. The boys are screaming at the top of their lungs. I'm screaming at them. The phone keeps ringing (even though I'm ignoring it because nobody in their right mind would enjoy talking to me right now). Toys are blinkety blinking like they are possessed. Ian keeps banging this darn tambourine and singing in some type of foreign language. It's a madhouse.

I am sitting with a belt in my lap. Kind of like a prison guard guarding a cell. The belt is guarding my sanity. It seems like it's the only form of disclipline the boys respond to today!

I am hungry but can't muster the energy to cook anything. I actually woke up from a nap with an Oreo cookie stuck to my thigh and instead of throwing it away......I ATE IT! I am seriously losing my mind!

I have to work again tonight. I know God will give me a surge of strength and sanity so that I will make it through the night but I'm dreading clocking in!

Blogging is my way of keeping myself busy so that I will not completely lose it!

Uh Oh, Ian is screaming POO POO POTTY! I gotta go!


  1. a belt in your lap? your brutal honesty is always so....honest. i can really picture you on the couch with a belt in your lap!

  2. Shanita! This the funniest post! You crack me up!! All I can say is....DAY SHIFT! I feel so much better! You'll make it girl! About church after night shift....when we were in a more conseverative church in FW, I think people thought I was very visibly giving my AMEN....but really I was nodding off! popping my head up, then scaring myself half to death as my head bobbled down just to do it again! AMEN! AMEN!! love you! Michelle Hill


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