The Vortex

My buddy Gretch is such a good mommy. They have all kinds of cool stuff at their house that kids love! The other day she pulled out this massive inflatable slip and slide and inflated it for the boys to enjoy. And enjoy they did! It was a gazillion degrees outside and she donned her bandeau swim top (to get rid of those stubborn tan lines) and entertained the boys while I sat on the porch under the shade (I've turned a nice shade of chocolate and it's time to back away from the sun). Evan even woke up from his nap that afternoon and asked if we were going back to Ms. Greta's house so he could play on the doggone Vortex again! Man.....she's making me look bad!
The boys flexin' their calf muscles to climb the wall


Evan & Harrison taking turns so nicely

This thing is huge! (please ignore Ian climbing over the side of the Vortex onto the concrete)


  1. Wow! I didn't know Ms. Greta had a VORTEX! She is a great mommy!!

    PS - I think you're a very NICE shade of chocolate...

  2. This thing is huge! It looks like you could lose your kid in there!


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