Happy Birthday Addisyn!

My best friend Ashley and her husband David welcomed their new baby daughter, Addisyn Rylee into the world on July 15th. Isn't she beautiful? I just want to eat her up! I'm going to have so much fun with a baby girl to add to the mix. Terrance has already warned me (after a little baby shopping spree) to not spend my whole paycheck on Addisyn! I can't help it. Girl clothes are sooo cute!

Addisyn Rylee Allen 5lbs 10 oz
July 15th 2009
Of course Evan was excited about Addisyn. He' wanted a girl so she could be "just like Auntie Ashley" He can be so sweet at times huh? Ian was just going with the flow!
Of course I have to hit you with another Evanism:
Evan: OOOHHH look, she looks just like me!
Me: What do you mean she looks like you?
Evan: She's white like me!
Everyone: Hysterical laughter
Evan: (frowning) I'm serious!
Terrance: Evan, you're not.......nevermind!
Mommy and baby are both still in the hospital. Ashley was induced on Wednesday but ended up having to have a c section after a few hours on Pitocin because her blood pressure shot through the roof and her cervix refused to dilate. Mom and baby are both doing well.

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