Country Bumpkins

My husband has always prided himself on being a "city boy." He's never gone hunting or camped out in the woods. I don't think he's even ever been fishing. The boy has never even owned a pet. The fact that my dad has flying chickens, and wild hogs in a makeshift pen is crazy to him. I told him of our adventures shooting at coke cans in the back of our grandpa's yard since I was old enough to hold a rifle and he thought we were just small country bumpkins who had lost our ever lovin' minds. Well he has officially been named an honorary Country Bumpkin. Here are some pictures of him bathing the boys in the back yard with a hose and some bath gel. In his defense, the boys were playing in dirt and they were covered in it from head to toe. So I'm glad they didn't bring all of the dirt indoors! Smart thinking Sweetheart!

Yes....he even shampooed their hair

Ian of course loved it

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