Happy 2nd Birthday Ian

We opted not to have a big party for Ian's 2nd birthday for a plethora of reasons. Instead we enjoyed a family celebration at none other than Cheesie Chuck's (that's what my mom calls Chuck E Cheese). It was nice. Ian had a fun time. No temper tantrums or meltdowns (until he saw Chuck E) I'd be scared of an overgrown mouse if I was two years old, too! Here are a few pictures of our celebration.

This is so perfect......a cheeseburger cake complete with fries on the side! (Please ignore the groceries in the background that hadn't quite made it to the pantry where they belong)

Ian loves to play with Evan's Tag Learning System and it has been the cause of a many arguments in our house so we got Ian his very own Tag Junior made specifically for toddlers.

Awww......big brother showing Ian how it's done!

Ian loved banging on this whack a mole game. He took out all of his aggression on the poor game.

Everything is better with ranch! (Why is Terrance staring at Ian like that?!)

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